Entel HX446L Licence-Free Business Walkie-Talkie With LCD Display

£159.00+ VAT

£149.00 each if five or more bought together

The Entel HX446L is a professional-quality general-purpose "licence-free" walkie-talkie with many advanced features as well as being very compact and light.

The HX446L features a useful backlit LCD display that shows volume level selected, channel information, battery life remaining and also battery charge cycles used and remaining for each battery pack.

It is very simple to use - just an on/off/volume control, a rotary channel selector and alarm button.

The Entel HX446L has very loud, clear sound for audibility in noisy conditions.

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Product specification

Size (body)97mm x 62mm x 48mm
Channels255 - and channels can be "named"
Power0.5 watts UHF
Battery1800mAh Li-Poly battery pack
OtherIntegral belt clip, LCD display screen, IP55 rain and splash-proof
Accessories availableVarious earpiece/mics, headsets, six-slot charger etc

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